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Getting Started

Contract Writing Animation | Lawe Insurance Brokers

Complete your application form

Your application may require that you answer a few medical questions, so we can better create a policy for you. Some applications will require that individuals do medical exams. Some of the factors

which may determine the need for medical exams are amount of coverage, age, gender, lifestyle habits, medical health or family medical history etc.

Your application is reviewed by the insurance provider

Once the application is completed and submitted to the insurance company, it may go through a process of underwriting, where the application and medicals are reviewed. During this time, the company will either look at your request to purchase coverage. You can speak to you financial advisor for more information. 

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Contract is issued and delivered

Once the application is approved a contract will be issued and delivered to the insured for safekeeping.

Important details of the contract are reviewed / explained to the insured.

Contract Signing | Lawe Insurance Brokers
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